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Our Consignment procedure is as follows:

General:  Merchandise accepted for consignment is at the sole discretion of Encore Interiors Consignment Gallery.  The consignor agrees that while Encore Interiors will put forth their best efforts to make a sale of said merchandise, there is no guarantee that a sale will take place.  Encore Interiors agrees to display the consignor's merchandise in the showroom within a reasonable time period and as space permits.  Encore Interiors will remit 50% of the selling price (less the buyer's fee) to the consignor for any item sold during the consignment term.  As a consignor with Encore Interiors, you will gain access to your consignor account online, via MyResaleWeb, which enables you to view the status of all of your consigned items, as well as your account balance, at any time, once your items have been entered into our inventory.  We request that our consignors send photos to shop@encoreinteriorsknoxville.com, or to bring photos by the store, of any furniture or larger accessories prior to bringing them to our store, to make the consignment process easier for you. 

Pricing:  Encore Interiors will price all merchandise to get our consignors the best possible profit for their merchandise.  Initial selling price for all consigned merchandise is established solely by Encore Interiors, while considering the client's input on age, brand and original purchase price (when available) of the item.  The consignor agrees to accept the price set by Encore Interiors.  Consigned items will have a minimal fee attached to the selling price, called the "buyers fee", which will be fronted by the buyer.  This fee will NOT be included as part of the consignor's revenue for percentage payment.  Encore Interiors reseres the right to discount merchandise at their discretion for the purpose of sales or other special events.

Consignment Term:  It is the responsibility of the consignor to retrieve any unsold items within seven (7) days of the consignment term expiration if they wish to retain possession.  Any items that are not retrieved by this time will become the property of Encore Interiors, and may be marked down to clearance pricing or donated to a local charity.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to track the 120 day consignment term expiration.  Encore Interiors will NOT be liable for any item left in its possession beyond the contract period.  

Items lost, stolen or damaged:  All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of articles consigned with Encore Interiors, however, they are left at the consignor's risk and compensation will not be due to any consignor for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Payment to consignors:  Payment for each month's sales will be processed on the 10th day o the month, following the sale, for balances over $25.  Consignors may pick up their check at our store location any time after the 10th.  A photo ID is required.  A consignor's check may be mailed, if a special request is made.  For balances less than $25, the balance will carry forward until it reaches or exceeds $25, at which point a check will be printed during the next cycle.  Consignor agrees to cash their issued check within 60 days from the date of issuance.